The design process begins with a consultation to determine how and when your space will be used, architectural features which should be highlighted, safety/security concerns and the mood you wish to create.

Your customized lighting design will mix light and shadow with various features and fixtures to bring your space to life with a visual story that welcomes guests, entertains and provides a beautiful oasis.

What types of lighting might we use?

Path Lighting
More than just a means of providing a safe and secure path, Pathlighting can create anticipation, movement and intrigue.
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Up Lighting
This attention grabbing effect dramatically highlights features, adds depth to the landscape and creates exciting shadows.  Especially effective when through foliage on breezy nights.
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Down Lighting
Create a sensory experience with that mirrors the effect of Moonlight on the landscape.  Particularly effective through foliage.
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Feature Accent Lighting
Highlight a statue or allow a striking planting to stand out in the landscape.  Shadows, highlights and lighting intensity all play a factor in making feature accents come to life.
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Surface Mount Lighting
Highlight architectural features to allow them to assume a subtle importance in the landscape.
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Tread Lighting
Tread lighting brings safety and presence to transitional spaces.  Whether providing a welcoming entrance or an invitation to explore all parts of the landscape, elegant tread lighting can give stairways a subtle glow or surprising drama.
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